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#8: 5 customer retention hacks to grow your business

5 actionable tips to implement right now

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It's no secret that it costs more to onboard a new client than to retain an existing client, and loyal customers will pay more for your product or service, while also playing other important roles in your business.

Growth can only fuel a company for so long, but retention is essential for a brand to thrive. Research has found that brands that keep just 5% more customers see up to a 95% increase in profits. That means customer retention isn’t just a key priority, it’s one of the most impactful things your brand can do to ensure long-term success.

So, let’s dive into 5 practical customer retention methods you can install into your business today.

5 Customer Retention Hacks to Grow Your Business 👋

1️⃣ Make returns and refunds simple

While mistakes happen, one way to assure a customer never buys from you again is to make returns nearly impossible and refuse to offer refunds. The returns and refunds process is a branch of customer service. Therefore, making the process pain-free and reasonable is crucial.

If customers know that they can count on you to treat them fairly beyond the sale, rather than disregarding them after receiving their money, they will trust you with future purchases.

2️⃣ Create a loyalty program based on more than just money spent

Implementing a customer loyalty program boosts customer retention by offering incentives like discounts and rewards, fostering a deeper connection between the brand and its customers. This cultivates appreciation and encourages long-term loyalty, driving sustainable business growth.

3️⃣ Ask for feedback

Do not be afraid to ask your customers how you are doing, even if the answer is not as pleasant as you would hope. Even if positive feedback feels good, it is often the negative feedback that is more important. If customers aren’t happy, they will not buy from a business again. If polled, these dissatisfied buyers get asked about their decision before departing; their answers should help to improve lackluster service, making it easier to retain customers in the future.

4️⃣ Build Customer Loyalty Through Shared Values

Is your company eco-friendly? Do you donate a portion of your earnings to a specific charity? Is it associated with wealth and affluence or youth and TikTok trends? Not only should your company have its own easily identifiable values, but you should also aim to share them with your customer base. When customers understand and relate to your values, it helps them identify with you and feel connected.

5️⃣ Be Easy To Understand

It is easy to assume that having the best product on the market automatically assures dominance, but this is not necessarily true. A rival company may outsell your business with an inferior product because customers find their explanations and marketing materials easier to understand. Ultimately, the more accessible you make the nature of your business, the faster they can decide if they want to shop with you.

If this entire post is falling on deaf ears because you’re not first getting enough customers to even retain, then take a peek at Nicolas Cole’s offer structure. He does a super high-level breakdown of how you should be thinking about all of your business’ messaging, from sales copy on a landing page to the way you might sequence out an automated series of emails:

Here are a few links for you to check out this evening, including the links earlier in this post.

That’s a wrap 🎬

Ensuring customer retention is paramount for the sustained success of any business. Here are five essential steps to enhance customer retention and foster long-term relationships:

👉 Make returns and refunds easy and reasonable: ensure hassle-free returns and refunds.

👉 Create a loyalty program based on more than just money spent: develop a loyalty program centered around shared values.

👉 Ask for feedback: seek both positive and negative feedback from customers.

👉 Build customer loyalty through shared values: establish and communicate your company's values effectively.

👉 Be easy to understand: ensure clarity and simplicity in communication and marketing materials.

Implementing these strategies can significantly improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately driving business growth and success. Take proactive steps today to cultivate lasting relationships with your customers and secure the future of your business.

Justin and the Bossitude team