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#7: Ignite Your Online Authority: 4 Game-Changing Social Media Growth Tips

4 actionable steps to take right now.

What's a growth hacker's favorite dance? The algorithm shuffle – two steps forward, one step back, and hope it goes viral!

Hey Boss! 👋

Picture this: a marketing powerhouse that not only gets the word out about your business but does so without denting your budget. 

That's the magic of organic social media marketing – a cost-effective gem that requires little money upfront to get it going - only your time and expertise. And to boot, you’re getting the power of evergreen content, ensuring you can capture new traffic and views to your website and services without you lifting a finger in the future.

Fired up already? Good. Today we’re talking about 5 social media growth hacks you can implement right now to increase your social media presence and bring more sales to your business. Making money without spending money. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

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4 Growth Hacking techniques for social media 👋

1️⃣ Utilize vertical video content:

Short-form vertical video is currently taking the internet by storm and playing favor to each social media’s algorithm. It’s currently the best performing content and will routinely garner you the most views. 

Here’s an in-depth video on why short-form vertical video content works and how to use it:

👉 Watch here

2️⃣ Use Answer the Public

This site by Niel Patel let’s you input your niche/service/industry and then get a list of search terms people are using to find answers to questions in your niche. From here, you can build a content plan with titles and topics that answer these questions.

3️⃣ Repurpose and cross-promote your content:

Save time and maintain engagement by sharing snippets of your video content across various social media platforms, driving followers from one platform to another. A Youtube video can be turned into a blog post. A blog post can be cut up in several posts for LinkedIn and Facebook. The list goes on.

4️⃣ Offer exclusive lead magnets:

Create enticing lead magnets, such as ebooks or online events, to captivate your followers and attract those matching your target audience. The trick here is to make sure your lead magnet isn’t some long, drawn-out PDF style book, but rather a “tool” or “resource”.

For example, if the problem your lead magnet solves is “How to develop a content marketing strategy”, then let your lead magnet be “My top 5 social media post templates you can copy and use right now”. 

It’s a tool, a resource. It’s something tangible that will shortcut your customer’s journey to their desired result.

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the internet learning how to build your brand in social media, you’ve likely been overwhelmed with people telling you to create “authority posts” in which you hand out free value to your audience. Consequently, you appear to be an authority in your niche.

This is a great practice and in all honesty, it works quite well for establishing you as an expert. Just don’t let your newfound expert “status” get to your head.

Lex Fridman has officially warned you …

Here are a few links for you to check out this evening, including the links earlier in this post.

That’s a wrap 🎬

Growing your brand on social media doesn’t really cost you much of anything. And who doesn’t like some extra savings in their pocket to invest back into their business?

But going down the organic social media marketing path in the wrong way can certainly lead to a whole bunch of headache and time wasted if you don’t do it right.

If you have any questions at all on what I’ve written about today, don’t hesitate to reply. I respond to every email.

Until next week,

Justin and the Bossitude team

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