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  • #6: Optimize your LinkedIn profile for sales

#6: Optimize your LinkedIn profile for sales

PLUS free LinkedIn optimization checklist

I asked a LinkedIn expert for sales advice. They said, 'It's all about making connections.' So now I'm just waiting for Elon Musk to accept my friend request.

Hey Boss! 👋

Did you know that according to LinkedIn’s own research, 65 million of its users are decision-makers? That’s 65 million people on one social networking platform with the power to say ‘Yes’ to whatever offer you put in front of them.

So, think you’re alone trying to generate sales on LinkedIn? You’re not. 61% of business owners also admit to using LinkedIn to generate new business and sales for the business. 

And assuming you’re not taking LinkedIn’s own comments with a grain of salt, you’re 51% more likely to hit your own sales quotas when you prioritize LinkedIn to conduct social selling.

Have I successfully convinced you to prioritize LinkedIn?

Great - now let’s talk about optimizing your profile to take advantage of all those sales opportunities waiting to be snatched up in LinkedIn cyberspace.

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Optimize your LinkedIn profile to generate more conversations and sales 👋

An optimized LinkedIn profile is essential for boosting business and sales. It acts as a compelling digital resume, showcasing your expertise and fostering trust among potential clients. Leveraging LinkedIn's networking features helps expand your reach, connect with industry professionals, and increase visibility, leading to potential leads and sales opportunities.

In fact, we believe in the power of social selling via LinkedIn so much that at Bossitude we put together a checklist for you that lays out step-by-step how you can spend the next 15-20 minutes optimizing your LinkedIn.

Note: We even included a few extra tips for engaging and creating meaningful, value-based conversations with your prospective customers on LinkedIn.

Here are a couple of neat facts from LinkedIn itself to immediately help you up your LinkedIn game:

  1. 59% of people send and reply to LinkedIn messages on the weekend: This means you should prioritize sending and replying to your network then too.

  2. 92% of people are willing to engage with an industry thought leader on LinkedIn: So if you ever feel like those “value posts” are a waste of time - they’re not.

Your turn: Download our LinkedIn checklist and optimize your profile!

Oh, we don’t normally toot our own horn but here’s our own Tweet to help pile some fuel onto that LinkedIn stats fire.

According to LinkedIn, 65 million users on their platform are decision-makers. That's a huge potential for your business!

Here are a few links for you to check out. The first is admittedly (and shamelessly) a link to our own LinkedIn checklist in case you missed it above.

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That’s a wrap 🎬

The beautiful thing about social selling is that it doesn’t require any money - it’s completely free. Sure, it takes some time + trial-and-error to find posts and messages that resonate with your ideal audience, but once you get it working - it works!

After all, the US. federal government is printing money like there’s no tomorrow, so why shouldn’t you?

If you have any questions at all on what I’ve written about today, don’t hesitate to reply. I respond to every email.

Until next week,

Justin and the Bossitude team