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  • #5: Master onsite customer research surveys to build better brand messaging

#5: Master onsite customer research surveys to build better brand messaging

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Hey Boss! 👋

Today we’re journeying into the realm of customer research and its impact on your brand's success. More specifically - I’m going to hand you a simple onsite survey you can set up on your website in under an hour to start grabbing important customer insight that you need to build stronger brand messaging to convert website visitors into loyal customers. 

But enough talking from my side (I’m starting to ramble, I know). So let’s hop to it.

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Leverage customer research into actionable insights for your website 💡

Understanding your customers better is the cornerstone of effective brand messaging that converts visitors into the “take my money” kind of customers.

To get started, you want a crystal clear understanding of two things when visitors land on your website:

One: How ready are your visitors to buy?

Are your visitors just browsing your site looking for info or are they ready to buy?

Using Book Like A Boss as an example, we ran this survey question to better understand which stage of the buying process our website visitors were at:

What brought you to us today?

  1. I’m considering signing up for a scheduling tool for the first time.

  2. I know I need a scheduling tool, I’m just trying to find the best option

  3. I know exactly what I want, I’m here to sign up to BLAB right now.

  4. Other (click to type details)

From there, we were able to better write our website copy meet our website visitors at the current phase of the buying journey that they’re in.

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Two: Who are they?

You want to know who’s visiting your site. You likely already have an idea of the top 2-3 types of people who purchase your services, but understanding which user personas make up the majority of your website visitors is crucial so that you can change your website copy to speak directly to that persona type.

So, we ran a second question in our survey:

Which of these best describes your [IDENTIFYING DETAIL: COMPANY, ROLE, ETC]?




  4. Other (click to type details)

In our case, our identifying details/roles would’ve included the different types of users that sign up to Book Like A Boss, for example:

  • Individual freelancers/entrepreneurs

  • Companies and teams

  • Small business owners

👉 To implement this survey, I recommend using a free tool called HotJar.

By knowing the type of person visiting your site + what stage of their buyer journey they’re at, you can profoundly manipulate your website copy, images, and messaging, to speak more directly and specifically to your website visitors, helping them to trust you more and buy your services with less friction.

LOVE this Tweet from Andrew Gould, a wonderful and established copywriter. If you’re servicing clients, you must always go above and beyond. That’s why I always priced my services high - to account for the extra time it took deliver not only the highest quality work possible for me clients, but also give them the best client-freelancer working relationship they’d every experienced.

Recommend saving this one:

So, here’s a book I highly recommend you pick up if you’re at all interested in understanding how to leverage deep customer insight into conversions and sales for your business.

It’s called “Forget the Funnel” by Claire Sullentrop and Georgiana Laudi

I’ve read it myself. Claire and Georgiana dive deep into now only collecting customer research to better understand why customers are signing up to your site and purchasing your services, but they provide a very step-by-step tutorial into how to collect that information for yourself.

That’s a wrap 🎬

The beautiful think about leveraging customer research is that simple changes you make to the text and images on a website you already have running can produce higher conversion rates for your business which means more bookings and sales for you.

Knowing how to leverage those insights is an invaluable skill. 

If you have any questions at all on what I’ve written about today, don’t hesitate to hit reply. I ready and reply to every email.

Until next week,

Justin and the Bossitude team