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#1: How to destroy no-shows and canceled sales calls

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How to destroy no-shows and canceled sales calls

If you’re prospecting for new clients, you know that few things are worse than getting interested clients responding to your outreach and booking an intro with you, only to have them not show up to the call.

To help combat that, I recommend using free personalized video tools like Bonjoro, Loom, or Vidyard. I quickly send a personalized video to the client after they book a free strategy call to introduce myself and establish a personal connection with them, making it significantly more difficult for them to flake on me.

And it’s super fast and easy to do.

How it works 👌

  1. The client lands on my ‘Free Strategy Call’ (click to view mine).

  2. The client selects a day/time and fills out a form answering questions about their business to place the booking.

  3. The client receives the booking confirmation and link to join the call at the scheduled day/time to their email. 

  4. I get notified of the booking, then open my phone, smile, and record a 1-2 min. selfie-video saying hi to the client and commenting on their responses to the questions they answered during booking.

  5. The client receives an email notification to watch the personalized video and can even reply to the video from the email.

I love this because …

  1. It's all free to set up and execute

  2. It builds a personal connection with the client before our first call. They see my face, hear my voice, and it’s unique and personalized to them.

  3. It's fast. It takes just 1 min. to open my phone, record the video, and hit send.

It’s that simple. You build a human connection with your prospect and they show up to calls, because it’s one thing to stand up a stranger, but much harder to stand up a ‘friend’.

For all of our solopreneur and freelancer Bosses out there, we found this special tweet for you. Justin so accurately describes the challenge that business owners face with overworking and burnout. Keep some time for your family and know when to sign off work for the day.

I’ve put together a collection of links you should need to check out right now. Whether you’re an AI-nerd or wanting some deeper insight into how founders and business owners alike are testing out new business ideas, each of these links will leave you better or than you were before you read them …

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